From idea to approval


After 3 years of work we are very sad to announce that Shotbox will cease to exist by the end of the month as we don't have enough time to take care of the product or cover the costs to maintain it anymore.

THANK YOU you to all of you who supported us.

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A better workflow

After years of searching but not finding any good online tools for story development and pre-production we sat down and decided to make our own. Shotbox is designed by creatives for creatives to develop storyboards, pitches, styleframes, animatics and much more - quickly and hassle free.

About the product

We have focused on the core workflow features to get you through pre-production without skipping steps due to boredom and procrastination. We really hope you find them as useful as we do and that you'll find your own ways of using them in your work.

The team

Shotbox is a Stockholm based company that was founded by Thomas, Magnus and Viktor in 2011. Although all three of us live and work in Sweden, we frequently travel the globe as narrative design is a global industry and we love meeting new people. So if you happen to be near Kungsgatan 33 in Stockholm, don't hesitate to come up and talk to our office dog Van Helsing.

This right here is not at all a section where we list a bunch of words to attract the attention of internet indexing services. If that was the case (which it, of course, is not) we would have added buzzwords like design, sketch, boardmatic, animatic, storyboard, animation, boardomatic, pre-production, editing, moodboard, feedback, pitch, showcase, board-o-matic, interactive, free, and creative. But as we've stated earlier in this text, that would never happen. Thank you.