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A surprising end

I have a very sad thing to tell you. This blog has come to an end now, me and Mark has decided to split up and work separate from now on. It all came very suddenly, but apparently he had felt like this for a while now, that he reallyRead More

Our new dream

We have a complete new dream that we want to make happen. To produce a game for smartphones. We came across this idea when we saw a new game called Episode, which reminded us of sort of a storyboard. In the game episode you choose how the game will endRead More

Update + new subject

Hi everyone. A while ago we told you about our upcoming jobs and what we where working with atthe time. And we thought that we should update you on how it went. Unfortunately we didn’t get thebig commercial job that we told you about. We where really hoping for itRead More

Presenting yourself

Today we will talk about why it is so good to be able to present yourself in a good way. So we will tell you why it is good and also give you a few great tips on how you can become great at it. The first thing is ofRead More

Next subject – Our new job

Yes, we have gotten a new job offer and we can tell you all about it. Since we are working a lot with all different kinds of media we also have the ability to produce content for all different types. And our latest project that we have got is actuallyRead More

A different kind of post from us

Yes today we thought that we would do a different kind of post than we usually do. When we started this bog we only intended to write about different stuff that is good to know about when it comes to writing manuscript, making storyboards and creating movies. But today weRead More

Some tips how to create a great story!

Hello everyone, today we will give you a few tips straight from the Pixar studios. It is an artist from the company called Emma Coats, who has tweeted out some basics for story making. And we thought that this is a great guideline for you and us to use, sinceRead More


Next one up – Storyboard To follow up our last post where we answered the question “What is Stop Motion” we thought we would answer the next question, What is a storyboard? A storyboard is a thing you use to help organize all your illustrations or images. It is aRead More

Stop Motion

To start off easy we thought we should go through a simple thing – what is Stop Motion? Stop motion is a kind of animation technique that makes it feel like an object is moving on its own. How you make it move is by photographing the object. The objectRead More

Welcome to Shotbox

Hello and welcome to Shotbox – your online guide on how to make presentations! This a completely new blog made of us Sebastian and Mark, two guys who loves to make movies. We both work with it, and do some freelancing on our spare time. This blog is made forRead More