Welcome to Shotbox

Hello and welcome to Shotbox – your online guide on how to make presentations!
This a completely new blog made of us Sebastian and Mark, two guys who loves to make movies. We both work with it, and do some freelancing on our spare time.

This blog is made for you who needs some help and tips on how to improve your skills when it comes to presentations. Perhaps you are having a hard time to speak in front of people and wants to feel more safe with that or you might be insecure about what you have done. No matter what your reasons are you are very welcome to our site and to take help from our tips that we will give you.

If you have any suggestions about topics or special things that you would like us to work with on the blog then you are very welcome to contact us. You can simply fill in the contact form on the contact page and we will deal with it as soon as we have time for it.

Why did we start this blog?

We started this blog since we who running it, ourselves had some trouble with presentations. We therefore thought it would be great if you could easily find tips online that could help you get started. Both with presentations, storyboards and other things. Everyone knows that as long as you get your idea on paper the rest will follow. So on this site you will get both tips on how to improve your skills when you are having any presentation of any kind, how to talk in front of people and also how to make your idea actual happening. We can only say it again but once you have gotten your idea on paper it is so much easier to make it come true. We here at Shotbox love to make movies and to make a good storyboard was something we had a lot of trouble with in college. So we started this blog mostly for people who run into the same problems as we did.

Who are we?

We are two guys who also are best friends. We met in college when we both started studying. We didn’t have the same major, but we had a couple of classes together and here we bonded. We mostly studied classes where we got to make stop motion movies. It is really fun, because it is not like a “normal” movie where you shoot for a long time. It is a movie that is made all by pictures. And to make that really good it is a great idea to make a storyboard. But we will talk more about that in another post. Now a few years after we graduated from college we are working on different companies but we are roomies and decided to have this blog after working hours. So we wont post updates daily but our goal is at least one blogpost per week. Hopefully you want to follow us on this journey!

/ Sebastian and Mark

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