A different kind of post from us

Yes today we thought that we would do a different kind of post than we usually do. When we started this bog we only intended to write about different stuff that is good to know about when it comes to writing manuscript, making storyboards and creating movies. But today we wanted to tell you guys a bit about us and our work. We who are writing this blog are as we have mentioned before, Mark and Sebastian. You can read our first post here and find out more about us.

We are now working with a stop motion movie and hopefully we will be able to sell it and see it as a commercial on the television. We can’t tell you for which company it is, but we can tell you that it is for a major company that many of you definitely have heard about. In our commercial we are making a stop motion short film where we are creating different animals out of clay, and making them move. It has been a real hard job so far but know we are finally seeing the light in the tunnel. We are soon there so to speak.

We have been working day and night for a couple of weeks and it’s been though but also really fun. At first we started to make the clay animals, of course the script was made first, but the first part of the movie was creating the animals. It took us a few days since we needed the clay to dry into the shapes before we painted them and so on. After that there where a couple of hours where we had to make all the backgrounds where the animals where supposed to be standing and since we wanted several scenes we needed several backgrounds. When all the material where made we know could start making the movie. So it has been much work to do before you even can take the first shot.

Then the real hard work began, now you really have to make sure that there is a picture for every frame that you need to make it a movie. If you miss one it can be quite difficult to take it afterwards. It can actually ruing a whole production if you don’t take it very slowly and make every frame from the beginning. So that’s why we say that taking the pictures are the hardest work.

We can tell you that this commercial is for a well known children’s company, and there will be for a very popular tv-show. That’s about it. We can tell you more as soon as we have gotten a thumbs up from the company.

That was all for today!

/Mark & Sebastian


It demands a lot of coffee when we are producing!

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