Next subject – Our new job

Yes, we have gotten a new job offer and we can tell you all about it. Since we are working a lot with all different kinds of media we also have the ability to produce content for all different types. And our latest project that we have got is actually quite different than what we are used to. So we got a offer from a gaming company. At first we where a bit confused since we never have done anything with gambling before so we didn’t know of we should accept it or not. But we decided to take it.

The job was to create a new web design for the website and here is our result. The site is about freespins with no deposit, we don’t really what it is but we think that the design got pretty good anyway. So we might do more of these jobs cause we always want to make more money. Web design is something that we haven’t talked so much about because we don’t usually work with it. It is more movies and storyboards that are our thing, but know we think that it might be web design also. So if there is any website with casino or poker you are welcome to contact us.

When we started our journey to make this new design we first had to check out all the competition before we made a first suggestion. And boy where they many! So it was a huge challenge to complete this site. But we made it and we hope that you will go to and tell us what you think. Please contact us and give us some feedback so that we can fix it if you find any problems.

When we did this job we got a reawakening when it comes to web design. So now we are currently making two other web designs, we believe that we need to make a lot of designs to feel confident while your doing it. It is so fun to make designs since you have the freedom to be creative. The three jobs that we have done so far, we have been given total freedom to do whatever we wanted with the design. As long as we checked out the competition and knew what was working for that kind of business.

Otherwise we haven’t been working so much actually. Next week we will find out if our commercial is accepted by the company or if we will have to work a whole lot more to make money for the weeks that we have spent doing this stop motion. But even if they don’t like it we have learned so much by doing this, so we will be happy no matter what happens. Of course we hope that we will get the job since it will give us a lot of money. But money isn’t all, but one huge commercial will open a lot of doors that we definitely want to go into.


Here is a picture of how the design looks like right now!

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