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Hi everyone. A while ago we told you about our upcoming jobs and what we where working with atthe time. And we thought that we should update you on how it went. Unfortunately we didn’t get thebig commercial job that we told you about. We where really hoping for it but we didn’t make the cut. I think we forgot to tell you guys that it was a contest we where a part of. A major company announced on their website that they wanted to cooperate with a smaller company in their upcoming commercial. In that way they got a much cheaper commercial made and a smaller company got the chance to break through in the industry. But we didn’t make it. But we did go really far in the contest and got some more contacts so we are happy.

Perhaps you guys remember the web design we made for a casino site also? Well we have gotten a lot of jobs after doing that so we can almost say that we are experts in that way. No only joking, but we have made several designs for different casino and poker sites now and we are actually getting pretty good at it. We still miss doing more stop motion movies of course and storyboards and everything that is needed to be done while you are creating. But we do need the money so jobs like these have been great to do to recover from the commercial we put so many hours on doing.

So we thought that next subject we will go through is a little basics about web design. Web design is more then only the look of the web site. It is many different skills and disciplines that are needed to produce and maintain a website. There are a few areas that are included: graphic design, interfacedesign, user experience design, search engine optimization and standardized code and proprietary software. There are often different individuals who works in teams and cover all the areas together. And we have gotten the part where we do the web graphics design. So we handle all the looks of the different sites, and then they apply it so that it works with all their code and stuff that needs to be done so that the website looks alright and works as it should.

As you can see and probably thought before the term web design is often used to describe just the design process of the design of a website. But web design is in fact partially overlapping the web engineering and web development. The most important thing when you do web design is that you have some sort of awareness of usability. It is so important the websites are made with thoughts of user experience and usability so that it actually works.

Well now you know a bit more about web design. Have you ever made any design yourselves? Please write to us so that we will get to know more about you also! We are looking forward to hear form you!

/ Mark & Sebastian

Deisgn we use

This is a very common element in our casino design! Dice and other casino stuff is something that every site want on their pages!

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