Our new dream

We have a complete new dream that we want to make happen. To produce a game for smartphones. We came across this idea when we saw a new game called Episode, which reminded us of sort of a storyboard. In the game episode you choose how the game will end by different choices that you make. So when we played through the game we figured out that it needed several storyboards to fit the different stories. Since we have made so many different things for different kind of medias we thought that a game would be fun to make also. We liked the idea in the Episode game, that it is several stories depending on your choice, and the the player choose how the outcome will be.

We are not sure really what the game is going to be about, and we most certainly need to learn how to even create a game. But we feel like it is right in time and that it is something that you really can make money from. Either a game or an app, but an app seems harder to get people to download thena game. Right now we are in the process where we need to get all the ideas down on paper and start to choose from them, what is even possible to do and how to do it. As you can see we always have alot going on and that is how we like it.

We are finally back on schedule after our miss with the commercial contest. So now we don’t have to make more web designs to all casino sites. It was fun we have to admit but we rather want to make things that we like more. So currently we are making a new stop motion movie (finally). We have longed for this since the last one had to be thrown away.

We have also gotten a few messages from you guys! This is an extract from a comment that we got from one of you called Martin. Thank you so much for you thoughts and that you took your time to contact us, we appreciate it very much. This is what Martin wrote to us (again only an extract)“Hello and thank you for a very informative blog. I do have some comments for you. Every time yougo through a new subject it feels like you do it very fast and only the basics. I wish a bit more details on all the subjects that you have gone through in this blog. It was very interesting to read about your own projects, and I would also want to see something that you have been producing andnot only read about it. About your casino sites, I feel like you have made a great page for beginners. It is very simple, but as long as it works for the customers I don’t have any negative to say about it”.

Again thank you Martin for your comments. And we will make some longer posts about the subjects so that you guys learn some more and not only the basics. We also will go through what wehave done ourselves so that you can get an example. A lot of stuff that we have done has been sold to other companies, so we can’t promise that it is so easy to just post anything. But we will try to find something that is available.

Feel free to do the same thing as Martin has done, and leave a comment with your thoughts. It givesus so much to hear what you think of us and this blog.
/ Sebbe & Mark

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