A surprising end

I have a very sad thing to tell you. This blog has come to an end now, me and Mark has decided to split up and work separate from now on. It all came very suddenly, but apparently he had felt like this for a while now, that he really wanted to make his own career. At first I felt a bit empty inside, but with time it feels okey. I have always wanted to be a part of a huge company and not only freelance so now I have the chance to get a foot into one of the major names that I always have dreamed about. It is a bit of a cliché but I have always thought that you shouldn’t see the problem but the possibility the problem gives you. And we are still friends of course, you can’t be angry for something like this. Not when he have kept working with me for so long and thought that he would feel like it was fun again. But we have decided to split up and do other things know. Hopefully it will be a big step for both of us and that we can make our dreams come true.

We aren’t sure if we are going to keep living together either. But I think it has to do with Mark and his girlfriend. We have been living together since college and they have been seeing each other for awhile now and feels that it is the next step. It will be sad of course to loose both my job partner and roomie but it might the thing that’s right for the moment.

The company I work at right now is not the one that I really want to work with so I do feel like I have the time to change that now. When we worked together me and Mark both had jobs that we didn’t quite like and therefore we started to freelance on our spare time. So I understand that Mark were tired of his job and wanted to change carrier. It’s just so sad that we have to split up, I would rather that we changed our jobs and kept working together if we had time for it. But I guess this is the end of our journey.

Well, so I guess I have to tell you the main thing. I don’t think that this blog will be updated longer since we’re not going to keep on working. But I might have it as a project if my new job gives me time. I can’t promise anything since I want to work on a huge company and really climb in my carrier. So I am going to make the best out of 2017 and probably it will become the best year in my life! Fingers crossed!

So if I have time I will continue to write about my life here on the blog, but I can’r promise you anything. If we don’t talk again, I hope you get the best out of 2017.

With Love / Sebastian

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